Dump Fencing Project

This underscores the critical necessity of the Dump Fence Project by Elephant CREW, aiming to prevent such heartbreaking losses and foster harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

What have we done so far?

The initial stages of the Dump Fencing Project involved identifying the problem of elephants consuming toxic waste, partnering with community stakeholders, and designing an effective electric elephant-proof fence. This phase also included securing funding, gathering materials, and training teams for installation and maintenance to ensure long-term success.

Elephants and human refuse do not mix, it is literally a toxic combination.

With their keen olfactory sense’s elephants identify a veritable feast of delicious scents peculating in the Victoria Falls Municipal dump site.

Sadly, they frequently consume the entire plastic bag containing the perceived tasty snack, with frequent catastrophic outcomes. Numerous elephants have died as a direct result of plastic consumption, and others, in pain and stress due to plastic blocking their digestive system have displayed unusually high levels of aggressive behaviour in urban and rural areas, with tragic consequences to elephants and humans.

EleCREW along with other community partners was responsible for constructing and continues to manage an electric elephant proof fence around the municipal dumpsite. This has resulted in a significant reduction in plastic consumption amongst Vic Falls urban elephants and allowed relative harmony to prevail as the Victoria Fall human population learns to co-exist with the urban elephant population.   


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Who are the Key Team Members?


Communities Manager

How can you help?


Pays for equipment & chillis needed for a training session with a single village on chilli mitigation techniques


Pays for a site visit & training for one village on appropriate crop protection measures from elephants


Pays for a smartphone for a Community Guardian


Pays for phone credit for a Community Guardian for a year


Covers all costs for a Community Guardian for a month – that’s one village protected!


Who are the Strategic Partners?

Greenline Africa
Connected Conservation
Connected Conservation
Pristine Victoria Falls Society
Painted Dog Research Trust
“Think globally – Act locally”