There are 3 ways to Get Involved…

1. Experience Through the Eyes of an Elephant

A unique elephant
awareness activity

Have you ever wondered how an elephant sees, hears, smells and feels the world? Or what emotions and intellect do we share with these large-brained, social mammals?

Our entertaining and immersive talk will educate you, engage you and enthral you. You’ll be able to get up close, meet our herd and also watch them in their natural environment, bathing, rolling in mud and generally putting on a show in our waterhole.  

From dentistry to digging for hidden delicacies the eleCREW elephants will show you some of the behaviours that make them who they are and how they live. The carers will guide you through some of their duties which keep our elephants, healthy, safe and well-nourished. 

You will also learn about the many challenges that elephants face in the wild and how you can help.  From research projects to elephant conflict mitigation, community engagement to implement coexistence, our one of a kind education program and welfare projects. 

You will get the chance to meet one of the Ambassador herd up close, learn a little about their individual personalities and what is required to care for and give them the best possible life. 

Finally, just relax with refreshments and view elephants do what they do, play, swim, browse or interact with others in the herd. You may well also be lucky enough to see some of their wild cousins with whom they share the Jafuta Reserve!

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One Health

At eleCREW we have strict sanitary protocols to which we ask all visitors to adhere, so that we may maintain a safe, One Health aware enjoyable experience. These have been augmented by the need to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

All visitors are asked to wear a face mask, allow a temperature check on arrival and give contact tracing details. This is on top of our normal hand washing protocols.

Stay safe, stay healthy, enjoy life!

2. Become an eleFRIEND

At eleCREW, we always have projects going on, whether they be Community, Research, Education, Welfare projects or other conservation initiatives.

Any ammount that you can give helps us make these projects a reality and build on previous successes. We appreciate every dollar given not just for what it can help us do, but reassures us that you share our vision of how to help elephants into an uncertain future.

So, please – Come and join the eleCREW and become an eleFRIEND!

We are currently supporting a project to develop welfare standards for elephants in human care that is being facilitated by We Are Are All Mammals, a UK registered charity.

If you would like to support this cause donate below:

3. Volunteer and Student Programs

Later this year we will have our unique elephant coexistence volunteer program up and running.

This will enable you to join us on the ground and directly help us achieve our vision of an Africa where elephants and humans coexist in a balanced environment.

It is an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the very real challenges that face elephants in their diminishing wild habitats at the same time as having a very special chance to see how we care for the Ambassador Herd.

You will also have time to explore one of the seven wonders of the world – the mighty smoke that thunders, Victoria Falls!

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