Through The Eyes Of An Elephant

A unique elephant
awareness activity

Have you ever wondered how an elephant sees, hears, smells and feels the world? Or what emotions and intellect do we share with these large-brained, social mammals?

Join us for an engaging and captivating experience as we delve into the world of elephants. Our interactive session promises to inform, captivate, and delight. Encounter our magnificent herd up close, witnessing their natural behaviours in our serene waterhole setting, from playful bathing sessions to leisurely mud rolls.

From exploring their dental care routines to observing their instinctual foraging habits, the eleCREW elephants will unveil the intricacies of their lives. Our dedicated caretakers will walk you through the essential tasks that ensure the well-being and vitality of our gentle giants.

Discover the myriad challenges confronting elephants in the wild and explore ways you can make a difference. Through enlightening discussions on research initiatives, conflict resolution strategies, and community involvement, delve into our unique educational programs and welfare efforts.

Meet one of our Ambassador elephants firsthand, gaining insight into their distinct personalities and the care regimen essential for their happiness and health.

Conclude your visit with a serene moment, savouring refreshments as you observe the elephants engaging in their natural behaviours, whether it’s playful antics, serene swims, or heartwarming social interactions within the herd. And who knows? You might even catch a glimpse of their wild counterparts roaming the Jafuta Reserve alongside them!

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