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Welcome to EleCREW, a non-profit organization dedicated to elephant conservation in Victoria Falls, at the heart of the KAZA region, home to over 50% of Africa’s remaining wild elephants. Through our Ambassador herd and Community Cooperation and Conflict mitigation programs, EleCREW is passionately committed to fostering human-elephant coexistence.

Within the National Parks, elephants have the right of way, facing primary threats such as illegal poaching and food and water scarcity, particularly during droughts, which are a regular occurrence in the Zimbabwean ecosystem. In this context, distinguishing between allies and adversaries is straightforward.

However, outside of the Parks, the moral lines become less clear. Elephants often venture into rural and urban areas in search of food, which is frequently scarce within the National Park boundaries, especially during the dry season. This can lead to conflicts between the resident human population and the elephants, sometimes resulting in fatal consequences for either party, though more frequently for the elephants. This is the conservation space that EleCREW occupies—our programs aim to minimize conflict and promote coexistence with rural and urban elephant populations, encapsulated by the phrase “Living with Elephants”.

EleCREW is a non-profit institution entirely dependent on generous donations from individuals and corporations who wish to contribute to ensuring elephants survive the threat of extinction and remain a source of joy for future generations.

If you are passionate about elephant conservation and would like to support EleCREW, join us as an EleCREW friend today. Stay updated on our elephant conservation programs and be part of the inspiring, challenging, joyful, humorous, and sometimes tragic events that define “Living with Elephants” in this small corner of the globe. Together, let’s make a difference in elephant conservation. 


Community Programs

Contributions go to:

Elephant Education Program

$25/Single Child

$400/whole class

Bee-Hive For Field Protection Programs

$75/single bee-hive

$600/ 8 bee hives (provides income for the community who harvest the honey)

Non-Lethal Counter-measures

 $100/kg of super hot chilli wax


EleFence And Anti-Poaching

$200/salary for one security guard at the elephant fence around the city dumpsite built by ELECREW and partners

$300/monthly salary of a member of the anti-poaching team and supports his family.

$500/monthly fuel costs pays for our community program vehicle.

Ambassador Herd

Contributions go to:

Vet Bill

$75/for ambassador herd elephant for a month

$900/for ambassador herd for a year.

Salary Of An Elephant Carer

$350/for the monthly salary

Supplementary Food

 $300/for supplementary food for a member of our ambassador herd for one month.

$3600/for supplementary food for a year.

Platinum Donors

Adopt An Elephant

Adoption Fee

$50 USD for a monthly fee for one year that covers all needs of an elephant and its caregivers for one year

Monthly Updates

Donors will receive monthly personal emails containing photos and clips of the adopted elephant.

Limited Availability

Only nine opportunities are available for elephant adoption.

About Adoptions

Each elephants needs more than one foster parent. Thank you for choosing to adopt.

Foster Details