Bee Defence Project

eleCREW works directly with local communities affected by Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC). We aim to improve the lives of these communities and aid greater coexistence with the wildlife that they live side by side with.

What have we done so far?

In the initial stages of the Bee Defence Project, Elephant Crew installed 58 beehives in the Jafuta Reserve and community croplands, creating a natural barrier to deter elephants while providing sustainable income. Studies show bee fencing is 82% effective at deterring elephants, safeguarding harvests, and preventing dangerous encounters. The project educates on bee importance, empowers communities to manage apiaries, and demonstrate and demonstrates how sustainable beekeeping benefits wildlife and rural livelihoods.

The Bee Defence Project aims to reduce elephant conflict and support rural communities in the region. As part of a pilot scheme,  EC has installed 58 bee hives around on the Jafuta Reserve and community croplands, the project creates a natural barrier, which deters elephants, who have a healthy respect for bees, while providing communities with a sustainable source of income.

EC is also using specially designed beehives to protect iconic trees from ring-barking by elephants which often debilitates and kills the tree.

Following the success of the pilot project Elephant Crew intend to role this out on a large scale throughout the Vic Falls communities.Studies have shown bee fencing to be 82% effective at deterring African elephants from entering cultivated area. This not only protects valuable harvests, but also prevents dangerous encounters between elephants and humans.

The project’s goals are to educate the public on the importance of bees and empower communities to manage their own apiaries. By establishing dedicated community beehives, the project gives locals a reliable way to earn income from honey and wax production, while ensuring the bees remain to pollinate surrounding crops.

The Bee Defence Project is demonstrating how sustainable beekeeping can benefit both wildlife and rural livelihoods. By investing in this innovative solution, our support helps protect elephants, improve food security, and build a more prosperous future for the region.

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Who are the Key Team Members?


Communities Manager

How can you help?


Pays for equipment & chillis needed for a training session with a single village on chilli mitigation techniques


Pays for a site visit & training for one village on appropriate crop protection measures from elephants


Pays for a smartphone for a Community Guardian


Pays for phone credit for a Community Guardian for a year


Covers all costs for a Community Guardian for a month – that’s one village protected!


Who are the Strategic Partners?

Greenline Africa
Connected Conservation
Connected Conservation
Pristine Victoria Falls Society
Painted Dog Research Trust
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