Vet Bill

$75/for ambassador herd elephant for a month

$900/for ambassador herd for a year.

Salary Of An Elephant Carer

$350/for the monthly salary

Supplementary Food

 $300/for supplementary food for a member of our ambassador herd for one month.

$3600/for supplementary food for a year.

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Elephant Education Program

$25/Single Child

$400/whole class

Bee-Hive For Field Protection Programs

$75/single bee-hive

$600/ 8 bee hives (provides income for the community who harvest the honey)

Non-Lethal Counter-measures

 $100/kg of super hot chilli wax


EleFence And Anti-Poaching

$200/salary for one security guard at the elephant fence around the city dumpsite built by ELECREW and partners

$300/monthly salary of a member of the anti-poaching team and supports his family.

$500/monthly fuel costs pays for our community program vehicle.

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